Monday, February 27, 2012

The Help Goes To The Oscars

   To be honest, I am not a huge awards show person, I usually enjoy the red carpet and parts of the show, but I am not glued to the television.   This year, though I was so excited to see if  The Help would bring Oscar home.  The Help is one of my favorite books of all time, and I was not disappointed by the movie.  I thought the acting in the movie was very powerful and inspiring.

     Unfortunately they didn't win many awards, but I thought all the ladies looked fabulous:

Emma Stone

Octavia Spencer

Viola Davis

Jessica Chastain

    I am not going to lie, when Octavia won best supporting actress I teared up a bit.

Who was your favorite?


  1. I loved The Help as a book and was not disappointed one bit in the transition to a movie- thank goodness! I definitely have Octavia Spencer fever. She is just so humble and so adorable! I thought all the ladies from the help picked gorgeous gowns too! I did not, however, enjoy Emma Stone's presenting- I know she was kidding but it got on my nerves haha!

  2. I loved The Help, I was a bit shocked they did not take home an Oscar. But I agree with you they all looked beautiful last night!

  3. I do love Emma's dress!! I didn't watch much of it, so thanks for the recap :)
    I have this book pleading with me to read it, I really need to get my butt into gear so then I can watch the movie too!!

  4. Emma's dress was my fav, but Im a sucker for bows!

  5. Totally agree that they were some of the best dressed. I loved the movie. I am looking forward to reading the book too