Friday, February 17, 2012

DIY: A Vase of a Different Color

 At our past craft night we painted vases with Perma-Enamel Paint and they turned out Fabulous. 

As usual we were having way too much fun, and I did a poor job documenting, but it is a very easy project.


1. Clear Vase

2. Paintbrushes

3. Perma Enamel Paint:  This can be purchased at any craft store and comes in a variety of colors.  ( I even mixed two colors together to get a different variety

4.  Conditioner: This is a primer, that is added before the paint, we didn't think this was necessary.

We simply added a thin layer of the conditioner on the inside of the vase.  We waited for the conditioner to dry for a few minutes.  Then added the enamel paint directly inside the vase ( You are only painting the inside of the vase)  Use your brush and cover the entire inside of the vase until you can not see through it at all. 
To get the extra paint out of the bottom, turn the vase upside down and let it drip for a few minutes.

I just love that it completely transforms the looks of the glass

Click HERE for a tutorial for detailed directions.

xoxo Happy Friday.


  1. How cute are these! I think I definitely need to paint a few vases. Hope you enjoy your weekend! xo

  2. This would be a great diy project for a girls night with friends and it would be inexpensive. Add some food and wine and it's a party!

    Amy R.

  3. This looks like a craft I could actually attempt! Bookmarking right now