Monday, February 6, 2012

DIY (cheap) Christmas Wreath

  I posted here about the Christmas Ornament wreath I made this past December.

I loved the way it came out, and secretly wanted to leave it up year round. 

So I know Christmas is obviously eleven months away still ( womp.), but I wanted to do this post now because this is the perfect time to make a Christmas wreath for next year because your can find Christmas Ornaments on super sale.  The ornaments are the most expensive part or the wreath, so if you can get them on sale do it.

I lucked out going to Big Lots, but have seen cheap ornaments at Walmart ( make sure they are not breakable)

1. Ornaments ( all different sizes)

2.  Straw Wreath

3. Ribbon

4. Hot glue gun

First take the straw wreath ( don't take the wrapper off) and wrap a ribbon around it
( This is done so you won't see the straw under the ornaments if there are any spaces)

Next tie a ribbon around the spot where you would like to hang the wreath.

( I couldn't decide which side I wanted to be the top so I tied ribbons on four places)

Start gluing ornaments around the outer circle of the wreath

Next glue ornaments around the inside circle of the wreath

The rest of the ornament placement is sort of like a puzzle, glue ornaments as you see fit to cover up all of the wreath spaces. 

All done.  It looks so pretty. 


  1. This is such a great idea! I love how your wreath turned out!

  2. Girl, good call on getting ornaments and Christmas decorations for next year now.

  3. I wanted to make one of these this Christmas and never got around to it!! I just pinned it, so I won't forget the idea for next year!

  4. Love this! I definitely need to make an ornament wreath this Christmas. xo