Thursday, February 16, 2012

To See or Not to See

  I need some advice...

So I am one of those people that didn't need glasses until I was twenty two, and really only originally needed them for glare while driving. In the past year my eye sight has gotten a lot worse ( It isn't bad, I think I am -1.25) ,but it is to the point that I need to wear my glasses most of the day.  I had been putting off getting contacts forever, because I was really nervous about them.  I am that person that you need to strap down to put eye drops in their eyes because I can't stop blinking.

  Anyways, I hate wearing my glasses when I am dressing up or going out on the town, because I feel un-put-together.  So I sucked it up and went to my eye doctor for a consultation.  Well, after over TWO hours at the eye doctor I was finally able to get the contacts in my eyes, no exaggeration  ( I couldn't stop my eyes from fluttering)

      Since then I have still been struggling to get them in, I know it is ridiculous that a 27 year old can't put contacts in, but it sometimes takes me an hour to get them in so I haven't been wearing them a lot.  I would prefer to not wear my glasses every day, but have not had much luck. 

                                                                   WITH GLASSES


Has anyone else had contact trouble, or know any secrets to stop my eyes fom fluttering.  I really don't want to have to keep wearing my glasses every day. annoying.


  1. I wear glasses only to read and work at the computer. But I would be the same way, it would take me forever to put contacts in because I hate anything coming near my eyes! It just freaks me out!

  2. I have horrible vision-I'm a -5.75 haha! I've had glasses since second grade and worn contacts since 6th grade. It took me probably a good year to get comfortable with them but now it really is second nature! It just takes time and practice.

  3. I got glasses when I was in 5th grade but until about 22 I only wore them to drive and watch tv, etc. When I started having to wear them all the time, I tried contacts but had terrible trouble with them. Shortly afterward I started having issues with my eyes getting red and irritated every so often--so now my doctor has advised me not to wear contacts. I've gradually adjusted to wearing my glasses most of the time. Luckily, I can see well enough so that at special occasions I take them off for pictures and things like that.

  4. I didn't get contacts until halfway through college. I was so nervous about touching my eyes and all that. I would sit on the bathroom counter crying, trying to get the darn things in. I still have trouble some days but am much more comfortable putting them in. The hardest part for me is taking them out. I try to keep my nails really short-I think that helps if you need to get a grip on the contact. Good luck!